Publishing artifacts

Test writers might want to publish files from the device under test (DUT) to the outside world.

LAVA does not provide a specific command to publish files. However, LAVA does provide a way to share secrets between the test writer and the device.

The secrets should be listed in the job definition as a dictionary called secrets:

  API_USER: kernel-ci
  API_KEY: b43614a9583f9c74b989914a91d1cfd9

This dictionary will be written to the lava overlay along with the test definitions and scripts. The resulting file, called secrets, can be sourced from a shell script:



Alternatively you can use token management from the profile page to provide the secret.

Thanks to these secrets, the test writer can push files to an external server that he does control.


Do not use personal secrets as the secret is visible to any operation within the test shell and this may compromise the security of your personal accounts. Always create a dedicated account for automated submissions and only give that account minimal permissions to create the automated uploads.

Linaro LAVA-lab

The Linaro lab team provides and maintains a default web server that test writers can use to publish artifacts.

In order to use this server, you should ask admins for: * an account on the server (and a token) for automated submissions * a directory where to upload your files

This token should be provided to the device, thanks to the secrets dictionary.

To publish an artifact, just make a POST request to your directory inside a custom script so that the secret is not visible in the output of curl itself.

curl -F 'path=@file_to_publish.ext' -F 'token=1234567890'


It remains the responsibility of the user to keep the secret hidden - tokens can be revoked if misused.

The server will return the full url to the file you just published. You can also list all files stored in the server by browsing


Keep in mind that each file will be automatically deleted after some days and that quotas applies to each directories. For the Cambridge LAVA lab, the current timeout is 30 days.

Other third party sites can also be used. Access to such sites and obtaining the tokens or secrets required for such sites is beyond the scope of this guide.

See also

Recording test case references for recording the returned path to the published file alongside your test case results.